When creating a Message, you can set "stream": true to incrementally stream the response using server-sent events (SSE).

Streaming with SDKs

Our Python and Typescript SDKs offer multiple ways of streaming. The Python SDK allows both sync and async streams. See the documentation in each SDK for details.

import anthropic

client = anthropic.Anthropic()

with client.beta.messages.stream(
    messages=[{"role": "user", "content": "Hello"}],
) as stream:
  for text in stream.text_stream:
    print(text, end="", flush=True)
import Anthropic from '@anthropic-ai/sdk';

const client = new Anthropic();

await client.beta.messages.stream({
    messages: [{role: 'user', content: "Hello"}],
    model: 'claude-2.1',
    max_tokens: 1024,
}).on('text', (text) => {

Event types

Each server-sent event includes a named event type and associated JSON data. Each event will use an SSE event name (e.g. event: message_stop), and include the matching event type in its data.

Each stream uses the following event flow:

  1. message_start: contains a Message object with empty content.
  2. A series of content blocks, each of which have a content_block_start, one or more content_block_delta events, and a content_block_stop event. Each content block will have an index that corresponds to its index in the final Message content array.
  3. One or more message_delta events, indicating top-level changes to the final Message object.
  4. A final message_stop event.

Error events

We may occasionally send errors in the event stream. For example, during periods of high usage, you may receive an overloaded_error, which would normally correspond to an HTTP 529 in a non-streaming context:

event: error
data: {"type": "error", "error": {"type": "overloaded_error", "message": "Overloaded"}}

Raw HTTP Stream response

We strongly recommend that use our client SDKs when using streaming mode. However, if you are building a direct API integration, you will need to handle these events yourself.

curl https://api.anthropic.com/v1/messages \
     --header "anthropic-version: 2023-06-01" \
     --header "anthropic-beta: messages-2023-12-15" \
     --header "content-type: application/json" \
     --header "x-api-key: $ANTHROPIC_API_KEY" \
     --data \
  "model": "claude-2.1",
  "messages": [{"role": "user", "content": "Hello"}],
  "max_tokens": 256,
  "stream": true
event: message_start
data: {"type": "message_start", "message": {"id": "msg_1nZdL29xx5MUA1yADyHTEsnR8uuvGzszyY", "type": "message", "role": "assistant", "content": [], "model": "claude-2.1", "stop_reason": null, "stop_sequence": null, "usage": {"input_tokens": 25, "output_tokens": 1}}}

event: content_block_start
data: {"type": "content_block_start", "index":0, "content_block": {"type": "text", "text": ""}}

event: ping
data: {"type": "ping"}

event: content_block_delta
data: {"type": "content_block_delta", "index": 0, "delta": {"type": "text_delta", "text": "Hello"}}

event: content_block_delta
data: {"type": "content_block_delta", "index": 0, "delta": {"type": "text_delta", "text": "!"}}

event: content_block_stop
data: {"type": "content_block_stop", "index": 0}

event: message_delta
data: {"type": "message_delta", "delta": {"stop_reason": "end_turn", "stop_sequence":null, "usage":{"output_tokens": 15}}}

event: message_stop
data: {"type": "message_stop"}