Prompts are best written as natural language queries as if you are instructing someone to do something, with the more detail the better. You can further improve your baseline prompt with prompt engineering.

Text capabilities and use cases

Claude has a broad range of text-based capabilities, including but not limited to:

CapabilityThis enables you to…
Text SummarizationDistill lengthy content into key insights for executives, social media, or product teams.
Content GenerationCraft compelling content from blog posts and emails to marketing slogans and product descriptions.
Data / Entity ExtractionUncover structured insights from unstructured text like reviews, news articles, or transcripts.
Question AnsweringBuild intelligent, interactive systems from customer support chatbots to educational AI tutors.
Text TranslationSeamlessly communicate across languages in products, support, and content creation.
Text Analysis & RecommendationsUnderstand sentiment, preferences, and patterns to personalize user experiences and offerings.
Dialogue and ConversationCreate engaging, context-aware interactions in games, virtual assistants, and storytelling apps.
Code Explanation & GenerationAccelerate development with instant code reviews, boilerplate generation, and interactive tutorials.

Anthropic Cookbook

Dive into practical examples and hands-on tutorials with our collection of Jupyter notebooks.

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